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Former Director of Publishing at The Hay Group, a leading HR, benefits and compensation consulting firm. Meyer spent eight years at Progressive Business Publications, where he headed up both editorial and marketing. He was also a reporter at Advertising Age magazine. Meyer received his MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and has a Masters degree from the University of California, San Diego.

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FMLA regulations: Employer wins

Stephen J. Meyer

FMLA regulations make it hard for employers to protest employee accusations. Here are some employers who won FMLA lawsuits, and ideas to help you win, too. After leave, FMLA regulations don’t require accommodation FMLA regulations say returning employees get same pay and benefits, no accommodations An employee returns from FMLA medical leave with a doctor’s…

FMLA violation or fair play?

Stephen J. Meyer

On her first morning back from a three-month FMLA leave, Angela Crossman was intercepted at her desk and summoned to a meeting with her boss, Jerry King. At the meeting they discussed the poor quality of her work leading up to the day that her leave began. The next morning Jerry summoned her again, telling…

FMLA regulations: Notification doesn’t count if you tell the wrong person

Stephen J. Meyer

Employees must know their company policies and FMLA regulations well enough to notify the necessary people of their family medical leave. Otherwise, their jobs are unprotected by FMLA regulations. Worker failed to provide her employer with proper FMLA notice She followed FMLA regulations before – court said that set precedent An employee who knows how…

Tight certification: Your best hope as Congress takes up paid FMLA leave bill

Stephen J. Meyer

If you haven’t tightened up your FMLA certification procedures yet, here’s another good reason to do so: Congress may be cooking up big new FMLA costs for you. The senator who first pushed the legislation that eventually gave birth to the FMLA is at it again. Senator Chris Dodd, a Connecticut Democrat, is now introducing…

When is a condition “serious” under FMLA regulations?

Stephen J. Meyer

And does FMLA cover incarcerated employees? Court: Plaintiff’s illness wasn’t grave enough under FMLA regulations Denied FMLA leave, although she needed medical treatment An employee was denied FMLA leave because her health condition wasn’t serious enough to prevent her from performing her job. An administrative assistant at a large chemical company was diagnosed with fibromyalgia,…

Court: Employer’s call-in policy was an FMLA violation

Stephen J. Meyer

Some in-house leave policies go too far If your company’s policy for medical leave requests is stricter than the process described in the FMLA regulations, watch out: It may qualify as an FMLA violation. In reaching this decision, a court invalidated a seemingly reasonable internal procedure that an employer had put in place to ensure…

Court: Employer scrapes by in FMLA violation case

Stephen J. Meyer

Simply granting leave doesn’t end your FMLA-related liability As you know, the FMLA requires employers to grant up to 12 weeks of paid leave to eligible employees. What many employers don’t seem to realize, though, is that the law also prohibits discrimination or retaliation against employees who’ve asserted their rights under the FMLA. FMLA Violation?…

Was forced disclosure against FMLA regulations?

Stephen J. Meyer

Ed Gegley had been Bruce White’s manager for several years, but he had never seen Bruce this angry. “You and I both know that the day I went out on FMLA leave,” said Bruce, his voice rising, “not one single person in this office knew I was HIV-positive.” “True,” said Ed, “but…” Bruce interrupted. “And…

FMLA regulations require 1,250 hours to qualify for leave

Stephen J. Meyer

Where do FMLA regulations stand on standby, on-call, and military hours? FMLA regulations say that hours on standby don’t count Pilot couldn’t apply on-call time to reach required 1,250 hours Employees on standby aren’t accumulating working hours for FMLA purposes, according to a recent court decision in Utah. The case involved an airline pilot who…

Health plans: The cost of reform

Stephen J. Meyer

According to the Congressional Budget Office, employers — especially large ones — won’t see any dramatic increases in health insurance premiums as a result of health care reform. But the picture could change if reform drastically raises demand for medical services.

The Five Categories of Employee Record Retention: What to Keep and What to Keep Separate

Stephen J. Meyer

Some documents should be separate but equal in employee record retention Employers often tend to keep too many employment records. Although this kind of overzealous employee record retention sometimes comes in handy, it usually only adds unnecessary clutter to a personnel file. You want to make sure that the records you keep serve a business…

Record Retention Guidelines for the Seven General Federal Statutes

Stephen J. Meyer

Follow specific record retention guidelines to protect your company These are general record retention guidelines based on generally applicable federal statutes. Remember that different state laws or different operational requirements may have different record retention guidelines. Title VII and the Americans with Disabilities Act: Keep employee history documents from one year of the date of…


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