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Former Director of Publishing at The Hay Group, a leading HR, benefits and compensation consulting firm. Meyer spent eight years at Progressive Business Publications, where he headed up both editorial and marketing. He was also a reporter at Advertising Age magazine. Meyer received his MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and has a Masters degree from the University of California, San Diego.

Recent Blog Posts

Of course learners shouldn’t beat themselves up… or should they?

Stephen J. Meyer

A research team based at the University of Kansas conducted a study to analyze how reactions to failure affect future performance. Specifically, they compared a cognitive response to failure — thoughts on what happened and why — with an emotional response — how failing made them feel.

How to unlock the power of visual memory

Stephen J. Meyer

Seeing sticks. Countless studies have demonstrated that visual memories – what we see and what we do – are more easily recalled and retained than information we only hear. With some learning material, it’s obvious how to utilize visuals to help the information stick. But what about information that doesn’t easily lend itself to visual…

3 ways to make mobile learning work better

Study: Three ways to make mobile learning work better

Stephen J. Meyer

According to a recent study, several key factors motivate and engage learners when using mobile learning. And if they’re part of your learning culture, the research suggests that you’ll see significant results. The research Researchers in Australia designed a learning app based on recent research on successful mobile learning platforms. They then released the app in a…

The importance of saying, ‘This is important’

Stephen J. Meyer

Imagine you have to give a presentation to a new client. Or attempt to close a big sale. Or finish a major project with the deadline looming. In pressure situations like these, our best-laid plans can break down. When stress kicks in, it can overwhelm our mental resources, causing us to abandon learned best practices…

A simple way to help learning stick

Stephen J. Meyer

Learning a new thing can interfere with the last thing you learned. Scientists discovered a simple technique to overcome this interference.

So many resources, so little time. How to help learners stay focused

Stephen J. Meyer

The head researchers concluded, “Goal achievement – be it accomplishing a task at work, performing well in school, or losing weight – depends to a large extent on how tactical we are at using our resources and also how effective we are at practicing strategic self-management… Anybody can benefit from being self-reflective in their goal pursuit and thoughtful about the way they use their resources.”

What the manager should say when an employee leaves

Stephen J. Meyer

Some organizations have protocols for communicating about an employee’s departure, but often, managers are left to figure out what to say on their own. Read on to find a template for how best announce an employee’s resignation or termination.

Why do some learners succeed while others struggle?

Stephen J. Meyer

Most learners experience some measure of discomfort during the learning process. It’s rare that someone learns a new skill and immediately transforms into an expert without any hurdles or stumbling blocks along the way. Struggle is a natural part of the learning process. But while some learners recognize this and rise to the challenge, others…

How to motivate employees to invest in workplace learning

Stephen J. Meyer

As a learning professional, you know all the benefits of workplace learning like the back of your hand. For those of us who think about the topic daily, the advantages of a learning organization – and how it benefits employees – are plain as day. But some employees may not see things so clearly. They…

New study reveals the neuroscience of long-term learning

Stephen J. Meyer

Imagine you’re setting up your next workplace learning session. You decide on a topic and the instruction material. Then, you inform your learners, schedule a meeting and give them a heads up on what they’ll be learning. During the session, you then review the material, conduct a group discussion and answer any questions learners might…

Helping your learners reach those precious “Aha!” moments

Stephen J. Meyer

Imagine you’ve been given a challenging responsibility. It could be crafting the perfect sales pitch for a potential client. Or creating the workflow for the next big project. Or finding just the right angle for your next press release. Whatever it is, you start out a little uncertain. You begin sketching things out in your…


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