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Coasting employees: How to create a winning attitude

Mike Llewellyn

When you’ve got an employee on your team who’s just coasting, it’s frustrating. These are the employees you know are capable of performing at a higher level but are just phoning it in. They are comfortable being just good enough. And they’re seemingly immune to your attempts to encourage them or argue with them to…

To vent or not to vent?

Mike Llewellyn

Setbacks happen, and when they do, they affect the morale of the whole team. As a manager, you naturally want to put the best face on the situation to keep employees engaged and optimistic. At the same time, you know that if you’re not open and transparent about the setback, you’ll lose credibility with the…

Job interviews: “Utterly useless” and absolutely essential

Mike Llewellyn

A New York Times article recently caught the attention of the editorial team here at RLI, starting with its undeniably clickable title: “The Utter Uselessness of Job Interviews.” Utter uselessness? Really? The piece focuses on a recent study the author conducted on informal, in-person interviews. It found they do nothing to predict future on-the-job performance. The author…

Mastering the informal art of stay interviews

Mastering the informal art of the stay interview

Mike Llewellyn

Let’s talk about the stay interview for a minute. We’ll start by looking at it from Jane’s perspective. Jane is a service manager with a few decades’ worth of experience under her belt. She’s a no-nonsense supervisor and she runs a tight ship. But now, Human Resources has just asked her to incorporate stay interviews into her…

The secret power of social norms

Mike Llewellyn

With all our access to databases, analytics, performance metrics, testing, and monitoring, it’s easy to forget that most employees experience their workplaces as social settings, for better or worse. The same people show up every day (for the most part) and interact as people. True, they’re not playing shuffleboard or bridge or beer pong, but…

Uncertainty can be a delight.

Surprise! Uncertainty can be a delight.

Mike Llewellyn

Believe it or not, people devote more effort to gaining a reward if its value is a little uncertain. You can use this uncertainty to motivate your team.


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