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Michael is a former Senior VP at Domus Inc., a Philadelphia advertising and interactive media agency. Boyette has written professional and consumer books for Simon & Schuster, Pocket Books, Henry Holt and other publishers and was Group Publisher at a leading newsletter company, overseeing its sales and marketing titles. In addition, he’s managed marketing programs for such clients as Dupont, Lutron and Therma-Tru Doors. He is a graduate of the University of Florida College of Journalism.

Recent Blog Posts

A different kind of sales script

Michael Boyette

Say “sales script” to most salespeople and watch their eyes roll. But one type of sales script, and studies show that it can be an enormously effective training tool, especially for new hires. Read on to learn what it is.

Team Dynamics: Break Up the Get-Along Gang

Michael Boyette

Everyone wants to work in a place where people treat each other with respect. As a leader, that’s also what you want for your team. In addition to being the right thing to do, it’s good business: If people are constantly rude, condescending or just plain nasty to each other, how do you attract and…

They say it’s not about the money, but it probably is

Michael Boyette

In research studies, employees consistently rank other factors ahead of compensation when it comes to job satisfaction. The key flaw: They reported what employees said, not what they did. A slew of other studies, which looked at employee behavior, paint a very different picture.

When good teams make bad decisions: Six ways to prevent groupthink

Michael Boyette

When great minds come together, they can accomplish just about anything: The Bay of Pigs invasion. The Vietnam War. Investing in mortgage-backed securities. The AOL-Time Warner merger. You name it. What these profoundly bad ideas have in common is that they were all vetted and approved by the best brains in their respective fields —…

Do stretch goals work?

Michael Boyette

You’re setting goals for your team. Should you also include a stretch goal? Seems like a good idea. What’s wrong with asking people to push themselves a little harder? But stretch goals are widely misunderstood and widely misused. They’re not really about getting a little more out of people. They’re designed to break things. First,…

Why even a little bit of unfairness is a very big deal

Michael Boyette

You took action as a manager that was a little bit unfair — you didn’t enforce the dress code, or gave someone a bigger cubicle. But what’s the big deal? Neuroscience suggests that it’s likely to be a very big deal to your employees.

If you want them to own it, let them build it

Michael Boyette

We hear a lot these days about “taking ownership.” You want your people to “own” the tasks they’re working on, “own” the results (good or bad) of those tasks, “own” their careers, “own” their jobs. It’s easy to see why leaders would want to promote a sense of ownership: When we “own” something, we assign…

The top ten employee rewards and motivators

Michael Boyette

What motivates employees to show up every day and do their jobs? No joke: It’s the paycheck. But once you’ve addressed money, the most powerful drivers of employee motivation are social. They’re powerful. And every manager should be using them.


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