Assessments to help you identify skill gaps

Where do you start? Rapid Learning proprietary assessment tools will help you target the skill sets where your team needs the most help.

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A premium knowledge assessment service

The Scenario-Based Assessment Tool (SBAT)

How do your people respond in real-world situations? This assessment is a scenario-based knowledge-check grounded in research. It identifies the key behaviors that drive success in leadership and sales and reveals the specific areas where training is needed most. The SBAT includes support from a dedicated Learning Solutions Expert to guide you through the process and ensure your training initiatives are delivering value.

A starting point for all clients

The Behavior Change Assessment Tool (BCAT)

Conduct a “baseline” assessment to identify which behaviors you want to change. Design learning paths mapping micro-content to areas of acute need. Conduct BCAT “Checkpoint” assessments to validate that skill gaps narrowed, that behaviors changed, and that you got a return on your training investment.

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Scott Odom VP of Stragetic Accounts

Without that Rapid Learning Institute training video, the reps would never have come up with that idea. It led to $2 million in new sales.

Don Simons Head of Sales, GFK

I would definitely recommend the Rapid Learning Institute. The brevity of the videos, the flexibility of the program, & the power of the content we have found to be really impactful.

Carter Benjamin Executive VP, Wind-lock Corp

We’ve experienced double digit growth over the past few years and part of that success we attribute to the addition of RLI to our training program.

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