Why You Miss Your Goals and How to Start Hitting Them

Research from the Universities of Bath and Sheffield in the UK found that your two to three times more likely to achieve your goals by writing down “goal implementation” instead of “goal intentions.” Learn why this simple but powerful technique is so effective.

The Secret to Getting Past Gatekeepers

It would be nice if you could just pick up the phone or drop by an office and reach key decision makers at prospect companies. But that’s not the way it goes. More often than not, you find yourself dealing with a gatekeeper … someone who is very protective of the boss’s time and trained to screen out unwanted sales calls. Every once in a while you can use your charm to navigate your way past gatekeepers, but when faced with a real professional, friendly chit-chat and small talk won’t get you anywhere. This Quick Take will give you the insights you need to work through the most tenacious gatekeepers. You’ll learn the #1 mistake most sales people make when faced with gatekeepers, the one skill gatekeepers take the greatest pride in and the thing that gatekeepers fear most – and how to use it to your advantage.

Overcoming Call Reluctance

Research from Baylor University reveals that the key to overcoming call reluctance is shifting from “self-focused attention” to “task-focused attention.” Learn how this insight can vastly increase targeted call volume and boost sales.

Prospecting: How to Get Buyers to Hear Your Message

A study on the concept of “buying schema” reveals the key reason why prospects tune out your message, when it’s a good idea not to meet buyers’ expectations, and how to get buyers to really listen to what you’re saying.

Cold Calling: Nail the First 20 Seconds

University of Georgia research found that the way many salespeople start a cold call is consistent with behavior psychologists call grandiose narcissism. Find out why this is such a common problem, and learn the three steps sellers should let prospects know before they say anything else.

Time Management for Sales: The Golden Hours

Research from MIT shows the best times for salespeople to make prospecting calls. But the real secret to success can only be revealed in a Time Optimization Plan. Learn how to create one so you can maximize your efficiency and results.

Reaching the C-Suite: The Down-Side-Up Approach

Sometimes the best way to reach the C-suite decision-maker is to go down and sideways through the organization before you try to go up. Research from the University of Michigan and Northwestern University explains why.


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