Personal Development

Managing Up: Getting Buy-in For Your Proposals

In this Quick Take you will learn what causes people to instinctively resist some efforts at persuasion why this reaction often has more to do with how a proposal is presented than the quality of the proposal itself, and language to use when you’re trying to get buy-in for your ideas.

Managing Workplace Stress: How to Stay Productive Under Pressure

Think of a time when you were swamped at work. Too many deadlines. Too many people demanding your mind-share. Not enough time or resources to get it all done. You may be thinking, 'That’s how I always feel.' Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent such workplace stress from crushing your focus, productivity and morale. In this Quick Take, you will learn the results of a study on people working in one of the most high-stress workplaces you could imagine, and how a series of short, simple exercises resulted in a surprising boost in productivity and kept stress at bay.

Time Management: Why It’s Not About Time

Has your boss, or maybe even a colleague, ever said, 'You need to manage your time a little better'? If so, that’s code for, 'You’re not getting things done.' And it’s not a minor problem. It’s a game changer, one that affects your promotability, your salary potential and, possibly, the likelihood that your company will keep you around. In this Quick Take you will learn why employees in organizations are perceived as being good, or bad, at managing their time; the list that matters more than any other; and the #1 enemy of good time management.

Managing Distractions: The “Got A Minute” Trap

Every experienced manager knows how easily the workday can slip away. Employees pop in throughout the day looking for your help. Meetings run twice as long as planned. Unexpected fires need to be put out. Before you know it, the day is over and you haven’t accomplished what you set out to do. In this Quick Take you will learn the most important thing you own... and that you must never allow ANYONE to take away, the three words that are the most likely to steal that precious thing from you and a simple yet powerful tool that will help you to truly take charge of your time.

New Manager Pitfalls: How to Avoid Them and Succeed in a Leadership Role

So you just got promoted. You probably got singled out for management because you were a strong performer, a producer who achieved excellent results. Now you’re in charge of a team, and your job is to get OTHER people to be strong performers. But that’s easier said than done. It’s so difficult, in fact, that most people want nothing to do with it. Of those who take the challenge, many underestimate the complexities of management, and fail. In this Quick Take you will learn the steps you must take to get started in the right direction.


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