Workers tattle on themselves online

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Many years ago, Philadelphia police caught a bank robber because he’d written the hold-up on the back of his telephone bill. The surprise was the police spokesman explained it wasn’t the first time a bank robber had done that.

Today’s phones include video and photo functionality. These can be instantly uploaded to photo, video and blogging websites. As you might expect, trouble ensues. Some people do the equivalent of writing their name on the back of a phone bill and let everyone know what they’re up to.

A quick search of YouTube finds workers laughing it up and committing safety violations: In a pair of short videos, bored young workers who say they’re working at Walmart decided that the hole for the store’s trash compactor was about the size of a strike zone. They test their throwing skills by whipping various items inside the compactor. A million carton splatters on one side. The pitchers do better with soda cans. Later, they upload a second, similar video.

Action step for safety directors: Search some of these sites, such as Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube, for search terms that can include suspected troublemakers’ names, your organization’s name, or just the type of safety violation you suspect is happening. We assume that people won’t give themselves away, but they do.

Video is here

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