Watch out for secondary containers, fume buildup and static electricity

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Secondary container procedures include proper selection and labeling of containers. But there are other risks, too. For example, static electricity.

An auto body detailer at Rick’s Auto Body, Missoula, MT, poured lacquer through a funnel into a smaller container and was killed when fumes ignited. Bruce Hall, 44, of Missoula, MT, died after being flown to a burn center in Seattle.

A second worker was seriously burned, but survived. The area inside the facility was enclosed, so fumes no doubt built up. Hall worked for the company for
five years.

Take home: Include in your specific secondary-container training any hazards associated with fume build-up (e.g., check ventilation is adequate) as well as instructions for workers to be alert to static discharges. Usually when static electricity builds up, it’s not a one-time thing.

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