Tragedy strikes worker setting up scaffolding

by on June 30, 2015 · 0 Comment POSTED IN: Workplace Safety Network

Setting up equipment presents special challenges. Usually, you are the first person on the job, so if conditions have changed since the last shift, you could find out the hard way. Also, it may be your job to install the safety equipment—requiring extra care. And lastly—as in the case of a recent tragedy—the focus on setting up things safely for others may blind you to your own risk or failure to watch for your own safety.

In this case, a worker at International Paper Red River, Campti, LA, was working on a scaffolding set up crew. He was wearing a safety harness, but apparently he allowed loose ends. One got caught in rotating equipment, and he was pulled in and suffered severe injuries. He died shortly thereafter.

The lesson seems to lie in focusing on one type of safety and not seeing a different risk. Fall protection protects, of course, against falls. But a safety harness is designed to hold you tight, so it will hold you tight even if you are being pulled in the wrong direction. Make sure workers remember to watch for anything loose that might get tangled in equipment, even if they are more worried about another kind of danger.

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