Top qualities of leaders that workers consider worthy of their trust

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What makes a supervisor trustworthy?

It’s an important question: Trusted leaders often deliver better results than those perceived as less trustworthy. Workers are willing to the extra mile, and defer to their judgment.

Choosing the right leaders
When judging supervisors on their safety leadership abilities, look for these qualities:

  1. Keeps commitments. If a supervisor sticks to what she says she’s going to do, workers will trust her. Reversals of previous commitments are always the exception to the rule.
  2. Tells the truth – always. Nothing kills trust faster than twisting the facts.
  3. Shares credit and blame. A trustworthy leader gives credit where credit is due and takes the blame when appropriate.
  4. Apologizes and admits mistakes. A trustworthy leader is human, too. He apologizes and admits his mistakes.
  5. Takes responsibility for company policies. A trustworthy leader applies company policies fairly and consistently. Workers who feel safety policies are evenly enforced will trust their supervisors more.

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