Time for a cell phone and driving policy?

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You know the leading cause of workplace fatalities, year in and year out, is motor-vehicle accidents.

One problem facing safety pros who try their best to prevent accidents: Work-related driving over-the-road is difficult to supervise. No boss is in the vehicle. And driving habits often come from home.

Still, you want to consider a distracted-driver policy – at least to increase awareness, protect your company, and educate your people about the risks. Think about how those gory movies affected you back in driver’s education courses.

Ohio is the most recent state to take on distracted drivers: A law that went into effect Aug. 31 bans novice drivers from using any type of cell phone while driving. The law bans all drivers from texting.

States laws vary, but usually include some variety of the following:

  • ban on handheld cell phones while driving
  • ban on hands-free cell phones while driving
  • bans on texting – almost every state has a ban on texting-while-driving, regardless of the driver’s age
  • bans depending on the age (novice v. experienced) and professionalism (bus drivers v. citizens)
  • bans on distracted driving, regardless of cell phone use (this is similar to a ticket for, “driver inattention.”)

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