Temp worker safety: Rapidly reinforce training

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As more and more companies rely on contingent and temporary labor, especially during summer months, it’s a good idea to review how effective your safety programs are for these workers.

One key: Make sure you have regular follow-up to your initial safety training. Temp workers have to learn your safety procedures quickly. To help them do that, consider the following:

  • Assign mentors/buddies. You can’t be everywhere at the same time, but giving a safety-conscious permanent employee safety-mentoring duties over two or three temps gives the opportunity for repeated follow up during work shifts. Repetition and correction in the field are two of the fastest ways to teach anything, including safety procedures.
  • Conduct regular toolbox talks. Supervisors need to lead safety. Preparing and leading regular pre-shift talks present supervisors with the opportunity to establish expectations. Supervisors can stress the seriousness of safety efforts, as well as provide shift-specific safety lessons and procedures.
  • Post-shift briefings. This is an extremely effective teaching technique—supervisors should ask for post-shift safety questions. Yes, temp workers will be eager to get home, so they won’t want to answer questions. That’s why supervisors should ask one to three questions about what was learned that day—and have a reward for the correct answer. One company we know, for example, offers better parking spaces for those who get correct answers. These spaces are closer to the worksite, and have greater convenience, plus there’s some prestige at having earned them.

Bottom line: Temp workers can be trained quickly—if there’s plenty of follow-up.

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