Summer’s here: Is your crew ready for heat-related risks?

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Is your crew ready for the heat? To be sure, consider this advice from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

    1. Keep in mind the 90/35 rule. Monitor the temperature and humidity. Fans can make workers more comfortable, but that comfort is misleading if the temperature rises above 90 degrees with humidity greater than 35%. When it’s that hot and humid, fans won’t prevent heat stroke.


    1. Train workers to spot the warning signs of heat illnesses. These include lethargy, disorientation, cramps, cessation of perspiration and high body temperatures. Workers should know to spot these in themselves and each other.


    1. Hydrate. Make sure workers get plenty of water, while maintaining salt intake. Don’t give salt tablets – that can cause other medical problems. You’re better off offering water on site, shade if possible, and encourage the occasional sports drink for added salt.


  1. Time to acclimate. The CDC says people need 10 to 14 days to adjust to working in higher temperatures. But what you do if there’s a sudden heat wave? Best bet: Understand people are at increased risk. Be prepared to put more of your efforts into monitoring and responding to workers’ reactions to the higher temperatures and humidity.

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