Six keys to effective safety leadership

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Wonder if you’re getting the best possible results? If so, take a look at your leadership performance.

To improve results, concentrate on improving your skills in any or all of these six areas, says leadership-guru Thomas Krause of consulting firm Behavioral Science Technology, Inc., Ojai, CA:

  1. Vision. Do you, as a supervisor, set high personal safety standards?
    Workers will follow your lead, for good or ill. If a supervisor’s vision is limited to “get the work out and don’t get hurt,” that won’t get results.
  2. Credibility. Do workers trust you as their supervisor?
    Credibility builders: Admitting mistakes, supporting workers and honesty. Credibility busters: Blame and information-hoarding.
  • Collaboration. A great supervisor encourages others to think of and share their own ideas on ways the company can improve safety.
  • Communication. The great supervisor explains his or her safety expectations, and gives workers complete information about safety. That way, workers feel confident they know what they can do to avoid on-the-job injuries.
  • Initiative. Supervisors who usually react to problems are following instead of leading.
    Great supervisors watch workers carefully and make training decisions based on what they see – rather than wait for near-misses or accidents to provide the next training topic.
  • Feedback and recognition. Workers need to know how they’re doing, get useful correction and be recognized for improvement. It shows you’re paying attention, and workers appreciate that a lot.

Source: Krause, 1-800-548-5781.

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