8 different ways to say ‘thanks’ for safety

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You know that low morale can cripple your safety efforts. Praising excellent safety performance is one way to reinforce good practices and boost morale.

Here are eight ideas for making praise effective and keeping workers in a high-performance, low-fear mode:

  • If you hear a positive remark about an employee, repeat it to him or her as soon as you can. People like to hear that good things are being said about them.
  • Thank people personally for spotting hazards. A simple thank you from a boss goes a long way in boosting an individual’s morale. And it encourages them to keep doing the right things.
  • When you distribute safety materials (or pay stubs), write a note recognizing each person’s contribution during the period. A personal note shows that you’re paying attention to them individually – and that encourages the worker.
  • Ask a senior manager to attend a team meeting where you recognize people for their safety accomplishments. Or arrange for a top executive to call an outstanding team member personally.
  • Call an employee in just to thank him or her for working safely. Don’t make the meeting about anything else – if you have more to do, do it another time. That way, you won’t undercut the message with other business.
  • For employees who work in a distant work site, leave a voice mail just to say thanks for some job well done.
  • If you receive personal recognition from higher-ups, share it around with the rest of the team and give credit where credit’s due.
  • Create a “traveling” award. Buy or create an award and present it to a deserving employee. After a set period – a week, a month – ask this employee to choose a person to pass the trophy on to, and explain why. Continue the process as long as the trophy keeps its “buzz.”

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