Rescuers returned the next day to remove the body

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Lockout/tagout issues causes some of the grisliest injuries, but apparently people get away with not locking out enough times that they get complacent. Until …

The story is familiar: An industrial blender – this one for meat-processing. Someone has to clean in it. The cleaner has to break down the machine. The machine unexpectedly starts up. A worker dies.

Hugo Avlos-Chanon, 41, Portland, OR, was killed in an industrial blender at Interstate Meat Distributors, Clackawas, OR.

Avlos-Chanon died of blunt-force and cutting wounds. A nearby worker had hit the emergency stop, but it was too late. In fact, rescuers didn’t remove the body until the next day, apparently being required to dismantle the machine first (presumably after de-energization).

While the investigation is ongoing, OSHA reportedly noted in the fall 2012 that the company was not locking out machines during the tear-down and cleaning process.

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