Are you ready for severe weather?

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Spring and summer usually bring severe weather—and that means cleanup after storms. In the past several weeks, a series of storms have hit the Midwest, the South, and the eastern U.S. with heavy rains, flash floods, tornadoes, and high winds. That meant potential hazardous cleanup afterward, and with summer on the way, more cleanup is no doubt coming, along with high heat.

Prepare ahead of time:

  1. Double-check your emergency plans. You know best what weather-related threats your facilities and grounds are likely to face. Are they up to date on things like emergency-contact numbers, contractors’ availability and safety procedures? Were there any facility-related changes that might impact procedures?
  2. Double-check that worker training is up-to-date. It’s a good time to brush up workers are your emergency cleanup procedures. Are they prepared to use the necessary equipment? Practice drills can make an actual emergency seem less unfamiliar.
  3. Inspect cleanup and emergency equipment, repair what’s necessary, and make sure you have people cross-trained in a variety of tasks. You never know who will be available in an emergency.

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