Protect temp workers this summer

by on July 1, 2014 · 0 Comment POSTED IN: Workplace Safety Network

For many businesses, summer business means adding temporary workers: From a safety perspective, that’s a reminder to make sure contingent, contract, interns and temp workers not only receive proper training, but that the organization culture sends the right message.

That is, temp workers will often follow the lead of the permanent ones, so if they see the regular staff cutting safety corners and not enforcing safety rules, they’re likely to take home the wrong safety message.

A recent OSHA fine shows the danger: Fresh From Texas Inc., San Antonio, TX, faces $135,200 in fines after OSHA responded to an employee complaint that temp workers were being exposed to safety hazards. OSHA compliance officers (COs) allegedly found the company failed to:

  • protect workers from exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • identify and evaluate respiratory hazards in the workplace
  • implement a hearing conservation program
  • establish a written lockout/tagout program
  • train workers in safe operations, and
  • guard rotating gears.

You can bet OSHA will be on the lookout for temp worker safety during the summer; head off potential problems by double-checking they understand and follow safety procedures.

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