OSHA’s 2014 hit list removes some incentives from the good guys

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OSHA has released (http://1.usa.gov/OML8nL) its 2014 Site-Specific Targeting (SST) Plan and it includes only one big change—it incorporates the November 2013 rule changes on the strategic partnerships. OSHA’s strategic partnerships include companies, industry associations, and labor organizations.

The November rule on the OSHA Strategic Partnership Program changes agreements between companies (or unions/associations) and OSHA in the following ways:

  • Agreements may not contain “enforcement incentives,” that is, companies’ participation aren’t subject to routine inspections, including delays of inspections.
  • OSHA removed the good-faith penalty reduction of 10 percent for participants.
  • OSHA added worker-involvement requirements in safety programs.

Bottom line: “Good guy” participation is solely for the safety benefits, and not for any incentives. Whether companies consider that fair–incentives matter, after all–should be seen by next year.

Since SST is mostly about targeting high-hazard industries, OSHA’s new SST also includes provisions to see how effective OSHA inspections are: The SST includes a planned study of recidivism rates of companies that have previously been inspected. That means those companies that have been inspected are even more likely to hear OSHA knocking on their doors again.

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