Materials-moving accident leaves worker seriously injured

by on January 21, 2014 · 0 Comment POSTED IN: Workplace Safety Network

Are your workers properly trained to spot potentially unstable materials loads? The answer’s important because materials can change their center of gravity and shift with time and transport.

This accident shows the dangers: A man was seriously injured after a steel beam rolled off a truck at a steel fabricating plant, pinning him underneath. The incident happened at Con-Win, Inc. in Berks County, PA. Authorities say the man was moving a piece of steel beam off a tractor when he fell from the truck and the beam landed on top of him.

Note that the materials were moved immediately after they were transported, which may have jostled and shifted the materials. Once transported materials are released, they can move unexpectedly. If workers are in harm’s way of heavy materials, as this one was, they’re relying on luck to survive. Even materials that have been stacked may become unstable.

Remind workers to exercise care when untying or releasing recently heavy materials, especially those recently transported, and to stay out of the line of fire while doing so.

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