Loose clothing in industrial bakery leads to fatality and fines

by on November 26, 2013 · 0 Comment POSTED IN: Workplace Safety Network

Many severe accidents occur when multiple safety problems are present: In this tragic case, OSHA cited a bakery for failing to guard a conveyor properly, failing to have enough emergency stop buttons, and failure to have an emergency stop button that was the proper color, red.

It was in this environment that a 61-year-old Sri Lankan immigrant, Yogambigai Pasupathipillai, was working when her apron became down in the conveyor. The apron ended up wrapped around her neck and strangling her before the conveyor was stopped.

Piantedosi Baking Co., Malden, MA, was fined $20,790 for the safety problems related to the fatality investigation.

Take home: Guards get disabled and red paint wears off. Guards should be checked regularly and at least before each shift. Emergency stop buttons need to remain clearly labeled and pointed out as a frequent reminder, preferably before each shift. Supervisors need to point them out, just as some companies start every meeting by pointing out the exits. Otherwise, nobody really pays attention to the emergency stop until they need it.

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