How dangerous is your safety training?

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An Ontario-based winter-rescue training firm has lost a student for the second time in five years. In the latest case, a firefighter-trainee became trapped under ice in the Saugeen River during a training exercise. Five years ago, the owner of the same rescue firm was acquitted of safety violations after another student was killed by rapidly moving ice blocks floating on a river.

Adam Brunt, 30, Bowmantown, Ont., was training to become a firefighter and signed up for a class with Herschel Rescue Training, operated by Terry Harrison. As part of the training exercise, 12 trainees were to float along with Harrison, one at a time, in the frigid waters from one point to another point. After all the trainees had floated down, a count revealed one student was missing—and it took rescuers (including the students) 15 minutes to find him under the frozen surface ice. He died several hours later.

Five years ago, a volunteer firefighter was killed when a floating ice block hit him and pressed him against shore ice, and he was submerged for three to four minutes before being pulled to the surface. Harrison was acquitted of wrongdoing in that case after a six-day trial.

Source: Toronto Sun.

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