In over their heads?

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Factory Workers Internal Audit

You know “just get it done” is an attitude that carries rewards, but also serious risks. Most workers in industry and construction know that you have to push to get the job done, because, after all, nothing’s easy.

As a safety professional, that means you’ve got to work within that mentality — as in “here’s how to just get it done safely and effectively.” But big problems start when this attitude gets people in over their heads.

In a recent fatality case — and we’ll omit the names because the details are sketchy — some observers surmised that a company hired a contractor that was very cheap, but unqualified. This much is known, however: One contract worker had a reputation for finding ways for getting things done, and for being able to move very heavy objects. He was killed earlier this month trying to move a piece of equipment when it fell back on him, crushing him.

The point, beyond the tragedy, is whether the contractor was qualified to do the work, and whether it put an initiative-taking, get-it-done worker in a position where he’d be likely to take unnecessary risks. Bottom line: When contractors come on site, make sure someone is observing that they really have the tools and knowledge to get the job done, and that they’re not relying on workers’ willingness to make up for deficiencies.

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