Gauging safety attitudes: Talking about off-hours safety habits

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Recently we attended a movie and heard a great, if corny, example of off-hours safety.

At the end of the previews, there was the usual warning: “Fire exits are located at the front and rear of the theater.”

We overheard one person point to the front exit and say to his family, “There’s the exit, and it’s the closest one. There are the fewest people near it. If anything happens, that’s where we’re heading.”

Then he noticed that the reported “rear” fire exit was misleading – it was not behind them, but instead required them to head forward out of the seating area, then to a corridor that lead to the rear.

He pointed and said, “That’s the secondary exit – but it’s not behind you.” And he pointed out the route.

His family of course ribbed him, but from the looks of it, he didn’t care. His safety habits were ingrained.

One exercise for a future safety meeting – ask workers to talk about safety warnings they give the people they care about. Do they leave trip hazards for other people – or do they warn others? Do they clean up a spill on a tile floor or let someone else find it the hard way?

Ask people to write out their answers and share them. The ideas they share will increase everyone’s awareness. And chances are, with similarly themed follow up sessions, will improve safety habits.

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