Demolition Worker Dies After Fall at Texas A&M University

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The renovation project of Texas A&M’s Kyle Field proved deadly for demolition worker Angel Garcia. The 25-year old fell four stories on December 3 and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the university are conducting investigations into the incident.

One out of every three construction-related deaths is caused by falls each year, according to OSHA. Last year, falls accounted for the deaths of 278 construction workers.

Employers are required by law to provide their workers with working conditions that are free of known dangers. OSHA advises employers to safeguard their workers against falls by doing the following:

  • Use a floor hole cover or railing and toe-board to alert workers to a hole in the floor.
  • Use a guard rail and toe-board to surround elevated, open-sided platforms, floors or runways.
  • Provide guardrails and toe-boards if a worker can fall into or onto dangerous machinery or equipment, regardless of height.
  • Provide personal protection equipment (PPE) that may be required including; safety harness and line.

OSHA also requires that fall protection be provided for the following elevations:

  • 4′ in general industry workplaces
  • 5′ in shipyards
  • 6′ in the construction industry, and
  • 8′ in longshoring operations.

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