Domino effect leads to construction fatality

by on July 30, 2014 · 0 Comment POSTED IN: Workplace Safety Network
ladder at heights

A crane appeared to lower a joist into place on a Fort Lauderdale, FL, commercial construction site. A support holding the heavy steel object gave way; as the joist fell, it reportedly knocked three men off a ladder and scaffolding. One of the men, who name was not released, died and the other two were injured. OSHA is investigating.

A quick analysis: There are contradictory reports about how many individuals on the ladder—some witnesses reported three men on the ladder, which would be unwise from a safety perspective. In either case, whether one or three people on the ladder, the ladder and scaffolding were within the fall zone. While speed on a construction site is important, setting heavy objects via crane does require people to be out of potential fall zone.

Take home: One person per ladder. Watch not only for direct falls, but for a domino effect, where something in the drop zone can knock into where workers are.

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