Company apparently forgot to train for response to chlorine leaks

by on February 17, 2015 · 0 Comment POSTED IN: Workplace Safety Network
gas cylinder

A Parsippany, NJ, implantable medical-device manufacturer must have done a lot of worker training to get its workforce to properly fabricate orthopedic implants to exacting standards. But Zimmer TMT’s managers allegedly skimped on safety training, OSHA said in issuing a $56k fine.

A chlorine-gas leak that sickened four workers and triggered the evacuation of the plant brought to light the safety issues. A worker had apparently attempted to move a pressurized chlorine-gas cylinder and neglected to put a protective cap on the valve. The cylinder tipped over and began to leak. The workers tried to contain the leak and four suffered respiratory injuries that required hospitalization. The employees were released a few hours later.

OSHA blamed a lack of emergency response preparedness and training, citing a lack of available respiratory-protection equipment and obstructions that were blocking exits. OSHA also issued machine-guarding and electrical hazards.

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