Single-Concept Learning

Single-concept learning is a paradigm shift for training and developing people. The classic corporate training model emphasizes efficiency. It assembles a large group of people and teaches them multiple learning concepts at once. Single-concept learning emphasizes effectiveness. It teaches people just one concept at a time, which vastly increases the likelihood that the learning will be retained and deployed successfully.


Thin slicing

“Thin slicing” in the world of psychology describes how the brain can perceive narrow windows of experience and with very limited information draw powerful, accurate conclusions. We’ve hi-jacked the term and applied it to learning. “Thin sliced” training is about isolating narrow windows of learning, and delivering powerful learning experiences from very limited information.


High utilization. High retention.

Learners are more likely to engage in training if they realize their learning journey will be brief and related to a single concept that’s developed deeply, in a focused, memorable way. And knowledge retention, the Holy Grail in training, is likely to be much higher when learning is designed to convey one concept, change one behavior, and achieve one desired outcome.


A game changer for managers

Most managers are motivated to develop their people. But many lack the ability, or the time, to do so. When talent development seems like an overwhelming task, it doesn’t get done. So here’s the key: Make it easy! When managers frame talent development through a narrow lens – “I’m just teaching people a single concept” – the task seems doable. Managers start training. They achieve success momentum as they accumulate small wins. They become successful developers of people.


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