Research-Based Learning

Soft-skills training is usually about getting people to change behavior. But let’s face it, in areas such as leadership, management, interpersonal communication or sales we can’t count on frequent new discoveries that’ll help us get people to change old habits. So how can we get people to feel a sense of urgency to change? One way is through research.


The power of an “aha”

We’ve all had “aha” moments in our careers, and in our private lives, where we hear an idea – could be a new idea, could be one we’ve heard many times before — and suddenly feel a tremendous sense of urgency to act on it. When it comes to soft skills training, often these “aha” moments are triggered when we get hard evidence that an idea has merit.


Research can trigger “aha’s”

Research – whether it’s from a Harvard or a Gallup or some expert we trust — provides authority and credibility, and it’s a great way to trigger an “aha” moment that can lead to behavior change and better outcomes. The best soft skills training lights a fire under people, gets them to change behavior and do difficult things. Research-based training concepts can light that fire.


A powerful ally for managers

Good managers constantly drill best practices into their people. It works, to a degree. But think how much more powerful it would be to present concepts that are validated by a credible third-party? When you’ve got a tool-kit full of research-based training modules, you vastly increase your own credibility as a leader, and you’re able to take your talent development efforts to a new level.


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