Rapid Learning

Rapid Learning is bite-size e-learning for today’s short-attention-span workforce. It’s a strategy for making enterprise and corporate sales training more efficient and effective by presenting information in small, manageable bits. RLI’s Quick Take training modules are just six to 10 minutes long, making it easy for learners to digest and retain their training.


Time: The Biggest Obstacle

“Not enough time” is the #1 reason soft-skills training doesn’t happen. RLI’s “rapid learning” philosophy addresses this challenge head on. Even the busiest people can find time for professional development when they realize they can learn a valuable skill or concept in just six to 10 minutes. That’s the length of an RLI “Quick Take” micro-learning module. And our “mobile-friendly” platform makes learning available online 24/7/365. “No time” is no excuse.


Reduce cognitive overload

Studies show the human brain can’t effectively assimilate large amounts of information. That’s why traditional “fire hose” training doesn’t work. People forget what they learned and never deploy it. This creates cynicism and resistance to future training. One way to avoid cognitive overload and increase knowledge retention is to break learning up into small bits. People remember. They deploy learning on the job. They achieve desired outcomes. They’re eager to learn more.


Ideal for the modern learner

Research suggests that the Internet has rewired the human brain. When modern learners watch a learning module on a computer, tablet or smartphone, they no longer want a linear, logical, complete learning experience. They want learning delivered in short, disjointed, overlapping bursts. They want bite-size learning experiences. They want rapid learning.


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