Three Powerful Concepts that Develop Your People


Rapid Learning

Concise, targeted training that keeps people engaged

Rapid Learning is bite-size e-learning for today’s short-attention-span workforce. It’s a strategy for making workplace training more efficient and effective by presenting information in small, manageable bits. RLI’s Quick Take training modules are just six to 10 minutes long, making it easy for learners to digest and retain their training.


Single-Concept Learning

A proven approach that increases engagement and retention

Single-concept learning is a paradigm shift for training and developing people. The classic corporate training model emphasizes efficiency. It assembles a large group of people and teaches them multiple learning concepts at once. Single-concept learning emphasizes effectiveness. It teaches people just one concept at a time, which vastly increases the likelihood that the learning will be retained and deployed successfully.


Research-Based Learning

Training that's seen as credible drives behavior change

Soft-skills training is usually about getting people to change behavior. But let’s face it, in areas such as leadership, management, interpersonal communication or sales we can’t count on frequent new discoveries that’ll help us get people to change old habits. So how can we get people to feel a sense of urgency to change? One way is through research.


"The format is perfect for busy managers as myself - good tips in a few minutes. As a manager of many employees in my center, I need to do just what the program said...follow up with each one occasionally, not just at their "annual review" to make sure they are effectively using their teacher training."

Mellissa RaneySylvan Learning Center

"I watched your e-learning module on why training doesn't stick. It was the best 4 minutes I've spent. It's on exactly the problem I am facing as a CEO of a start up biotech."

Asad ZaidiEpinex Diagnostics Inc.

"I love the short e-learning format. It's user-friendly and straight to the point. The information isn't overwhelming. It simply offers tools you can incorporate into your daily toolbox to make you even more successful as a manager."

Lisa HonorableCasino Queen


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