Workplace Safety Training Topics

Back Safety

Full Length Modules Back Safety

Quick Take Refreshers Back Safety: Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Toolbox Talks Back safety: How to lift properly Back safety: Manual material handling Back safety: Weights and forces

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Bloodborne Pathogens

Full Length Modules Bloodborne Pathogens

Quick Take Refreshers Bloodborne Pathogens: Using Universal Precautions

Toolbox Talks Bloodborne pathogens: Be prepared Bloodborne pathogens: Protect yourself

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Confined Space Safety

Full Length Modules Confined space Awareness Confined Space Safety for Attendants Confined Space Safety for Entrants Confined Space Safety for Entry Supervisors Confined Space Safety for Rescuers

Quick Take Refreshers Confined Space Awareness: What You Don’t Know Can Kill You Confined Space Safety for Attendants: Don’t Try to be a Hero Confined Space Safety for Entrants: “Chameleon gases” and why they’re so dangerous Confined Space Safety for Entry Supervisors: Permits aren’t just paperwork Confined Space Safety for Rescuers: Don’t End Up a Victim

Toolbox Talks Confined space safety for attendants: Confined space safety for attendants Confined space safety for attendants: Don’t be a hero Confined space safety for attendants: Permit confined space monitoring Confined space safety for entrants: Confined space safety for entrants Confined space safety for entrants: Permit confined space monitoring Confined space safety for entry supervisors: Confined space safety for entry supervisors Confined space safety for entry supervisors: Don´t be a hero Confined space safety for entry supervisors: Permit confined space monitoring Confined space safety for general awareness: Confined space safety Confined space safety for general awareness: Don’t be a hero Confined space safety for rescuer: Confined space safety for rescuers Confined space safety for rescuer: Permit confined space monitoring

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Electrical Safety

Full Length ModulesElectrical Safety

Quick Take RefreshersElectrical Safety: Avoiding Incidental Contact

Toolbox Talks Electrical safety: 10 rules of extension cord safety Electrical safety: Electrical panels Electrical safety: Portable equipment

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Eye & Face Protection

Full Length ModulesEye and Face Protection

Quick Take RefreshersEye and Face Protection: How to Choose the Right Type

Toolbox Talks Eye & Face Protection: Choosing the right eye protection Eye & Face Protection: First aid for eye injuries Eye & Face Protection: Keeping eye protection effective

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Fall Protection

Full Length ModulesFall Protection

Quick Take RefreshersFall Protection: The Right Way to Tie Off

Toolbox Talks Fall protection: Inspecting your harness Fall Protection: Portable ladder safety Fall protection: Tie off, don’t fall off Fire Protection

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Fire Safety

Full Length ModulesFire Protection

Quick Take RefreshersFire Safety: Four Deadly Hazards You Might Have Missed

Toolbox Talks Fire safety: Employee prevention Fire safety: Fighting fires Fire safety: The ABC’s of extinguishers

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Forklift Safety

Full Length ModulesForklift Safety

Quick Take RefreshersForklift Safety: Complete That Inspection

Toolbox Talks Forklift safety: Pedestrian awareness Forklift safety: Pre-shift inspections Forklift safety: Preventing tipovers

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Hazard Communication

Full Length ModulesHazard Communication

Quick Take RefreshersHazard Communication: How to Label Secondary Containers

Toolbox Talks Hazard Communication: Avoiding exposure Hazard Communication: Chemical labeling Hazard Communication: Material safety data sheets

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Hearing Conservation

Full Length ModulesHearing Conservation

Quick Take RefreshersHearing Protection: Four Myths That Put Your Hearing At Risk

Toolbox Talks Hearing conservation: Noise levels Hearing conservation: Use protection

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Lockout Tagout

Full Length ModulesLockout Tagout

Quick Take Refreshers Lockout Tagout: Five Mind Traps That Can Kill Lockout Tagout: Navigating the Dangers of the Shift Change

Toolbox Talks Lockout Tagout: De-energize that source! Lockout Tagout: Employee responsibilities Lockout Tagout: Seven steps

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Respiratory Protection

Full Length ModulesRespiratory Protection

Quick Take Refreshers Respiratory Protection: 3 Traps that can kill Respiratory Protection: A common misconception that can kill

Toolbox Talks Respiratory Protection: Keeping respirators effective Respiratory Protection: Using air purifying respirators Respiratory Protection: Using assigned protection factors

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Slips, Trips & Falls

Full Length ModulesSlips, Trips & Falls

Quick Take RefreshersSlips, Trips and Falls: A 3-Step Approach to Eliminating Hazards

Toolbox Talks Slips, trips, falls: Avoiding hazards Slips, trips, falls: Preventing falls Slips, trips, falls: Safe housekeeping

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