Training Previews for Sales Reps

Take a look at a few sample Quick Takes from the Rapid Learning Institute. These short videos are designed to teach one discrete concept that will help managers get results through their people

Preview: How and When to Disclose Risk to Prospects

Nearly every product or service carries some risk. Some of them you must disclose. And even when disclosure isn’t required, it’s usually a good idea, since nothing gets a vendor fired faster than a nasty surprise. But there’s another good reason to talk about risk. Recent research suggests that revealing risk can actually improve your odds of getting the sale – depending on when you do it.

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Preview – Sales Discovery: Why You Must Ask About Change

In this Quick Take, you will learn why asking only about customer’s “needs” may lead you to overlook sales opportunities, the three levels of change that drive sales – and which one is likely to yield the best sales opportunities for you, how to conduct a sales discovery conversation that can help you identify WHERE and WHEN these opportunities are likely to arise.

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