Training Previews for Managers

Take a look at a few sample Quick Takes for sales people from the Rapid Learning Institute. These short videos are designed to teach sales professional one discrete concept that will help them close more sales and earn more money.

Preview – Hiring Salespeople: How to Smoke Out Impostors

This Quick Take will show you how to “smoke out” the impostors who look good on paper and know how to interview, but won’t get the job done. You’ll learn the most dangerous attitude a sales manager can bring to an interview with a job candidate, the preparation oversight that gives Impostors an opening and how to ask questions that will expose Impostors every time.

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Preview – Handling Disruptive Star Performers

In this Quick take you will learn a common response to a disruptive star performer – which fails miserably every time, an often-overlooked fact about stars that gives you far more power than you might think, and the S.T.O.P. Model for getting disruptive tigers to change bad behavior without driving them away – or turning them into pussycats.

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