VIDEO: A Better Way to Train

Sales Managers aren’t responsible for growing sales, they’re responsible for growing salespeople.
Problem is they often lack the time, tools and expertise to deliver the kind of training that will help their
team sharpen critical selling skills. This video shows you how RLI tackles this common problem.

Video Transcription

Teaching your reps selling skills should be a no-brainer, right?

Everybody wins. When you train your people to do things like uncover customer needs, build trust and close more business, they sell more stuff. They make more money and you get a big bonus for being a great manager.

But here’s the problem. Sales skills training just doesn’t get done as often as it should. Why is that?

Well, in a nutshell … TIME. Most Sales Managers simply don’t have the time they need to develop training materials, organize and conduct training sessions, and then follow up to be sure each rep is actually applying what they learned.

That’s where we come in. The Selling Essentials Rapid Learning Center is a library of training programs that lets you deliver sales training in a way that works with everyone’s busy schedule.

The secret? A ready-to-use collection of training programs called Quick Takes that are just 6- to 10-minutes long. They’re great for sales meetings, individual coaching sessions and self-directed learning that reps can access online anywhere, any time.

Selling Essentials is quick, intuitive and engaging, even for short-attention-span sales reps. What makes it better is that the system gives YOU tools to easily send, track and follow up on the training you assign.

See for yourself. Sign up now and give it a try.

Find out how the Rapid Learning Center helps thousands of other organizations meet their training goals … without killing their schedules or their budgets.


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