Sales Training Topics


Cold Calling: Nail the First 20 Seconds View Preview

Prospecting and the “Rule of 45″: Why Reps Underestimate the Value of Good Leads View Preview

Time Management for Sales: The Golden Hours View Preview

The Magic Question to Disqualify Non-Buyers View Preview

When the Prospect Says No: How to Make an Effective Second Sales Effort View Preview

Voice Mail: Crafting a Message that Makes Prospects Want to Talk to You View Preview

Reaching the C-Suite: The Down-Side-Up Approach View Preview

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Sales Discovery

The Secret to Getting Past Gatekeepers View Preview

Discovery: The Five Whys Technique to Uncover Hidden Customer Needs View Preview

Stupid Questions: A Smart Selling Strategy View Preview

The FACE Method: How to Understand What Buyers Mean View Preview

GAPS: How to Gain When There’s No Pain View Preview

Why Buyers Hold Back – and How to Get Them to Open Up View Preview

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Presentations & Communication

Presentation Disasters: How to Head Them Off Before They Happen View Preview

Avoiding the “Yes Trap”: Building Trust with Prospects and Customers View Preview

Connecting With Buyers: Sell More By Selling Less View Preview

Sales Myopia: The Critical Oversight That Can Cost You Sales View Preview

The Secret to Selling CEOs View Preview

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Handling Objections

A Proven Technique to Overcome ‘The Stall’ View Preview

Price Objections: Four Secrets Prospects Will Never Tell You View Preview

How to Unseat an Entrenched Competitor View Preview

The Commodity Copout View Preview

Overcoming Purchase Anxiety: How to Close Buyers Who Just Can’t Make a Decision View Preview

Turning Objections into Objectives View Preview

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Relationship Building

Building Relationships: Establishing Trust With Relational GPS View Preview

Building Relationships: Your Relational Checklist View Preview

Establishing Credibility: Putting the Buyer’s Interests First View Preview

Building Relationships: Get the First Meeting Right View Preview

Critical Insights: Get Buyers to See You as More Than ‘Just a Vendor’ View Preview

Deep Conversations: How to Create Stronger Connections with Buyers, Prospects and Others View Preview

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How to Win at High-Stakes Sales View Preview

How to Shorten Your Sales Cycles View Preview

Tough Negotiations: How to Stay in Control and Get What You Deserve View Preview

How to Help Prospects Get the Internal Buy-in They Need to Close the Deal View Preview

Upselling Without Fear: Get More From Almost Every Sale View Preview

The Post Close: How to Lock in a Sale and Avoid Last-Minute Surprises View Preview

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Referrals: Using LinkedIn to Generate High-Quality Sales Leads View Preview

Referrals: Using LinkedIn to Boost the Power of Networking Events View Preview

The ‘Other’ Referral: Why it’s Valuable, How to get it, and What to do with it View Preview

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Service After the Sale

The Most Dangerous Question in Sales and How to Avoid It View Preview

Managing Expectations with Unrealistic Customers: The Reverse Cold Feet Technique View Preview

Angry Customers: The Three R’s for Dealing with Hostility View Preview

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Loyalty & Retention

Account Retention: Little Signs of Big Trouble View Preview

Customer Retention: The Four Open Doors – How Accounts Become Vulnerable – and How to Keep Them Safe View Preview

Customer Engagement: Why YOU Need to Drive It View Preview

Building Customer Loyalty: The Entanglement Strategy View Preview

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