VIDEO: A Better Way to Train

Most managers get promoted into a leadership role because they were exceptional producers. Unfortunately, they’re seldom given the formal leadership training they need to get others to replicate that same level of performance. This video shows how RLI can help them get it done – and help you turn managers into leaders.

Video Transcription

A show of hands, how many of you think every manager in your organization is a strong leader? They just know how to motivate, hold people accountable and get results.

OK. Another show of hands, how many of you think some could use a little help?

Fact is, most managers and supervisors, even experienced ones, don’t get enough training; some get none at all. They were never taught how to replicate in others the knowledge, skills and attitudes that made them strong individual performers. And yet that’s what leadership is all about, right?

But here’s the challenge. Developing and delivering leadership training takes time … time that you and your team don’t have much of.

But what if you could teach your managers in just 10 minutes a leadership skill that could last a career? Hmmmm.

That’s where we come in. The Compliance & Management Rapid Learning Center takes a unique approach to training leaders.

We give them what they need to know in 6- to 10-minute chunks.

Our core training programs are called Quick Takes. They cover critical topics like employee engagement, communication, performance management … and more.

With this online system, you can instantly deploy training to managers exactly when needed. It’s quick, intuitive, and engaging for even the most hard-to-convince managers.

What makes it even better is that you also get tools to help you easily assign, track and follow up on the training your managers need.

See for yourself. Sign up now and give it a try.

Find out how the Rapid Learning Center helps hundreds of other organizations meet their training goals … without killing their schedules or their budgets.


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