Training for today's busy,
short-attention-span managers

Introducing the Leadership & Management Rapid Learning Center — an affordable online training platform that makes manager and supervisor training faster, easier and more effective.

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6- to 10-minute training programs teach leadership
skills and concepts that could last a career

At the heart of the Rapid Learning Center is a collection of 70+ laser-focused 6- to 10-minute training programs called Quick Takes:

  • Adults learn best when information is delivered in small, easy-to-digest chunks. The busier your managers, the more they’ll value being able to absorb powerful concepts in just a few minutes.
  • Quick Take’s are convenient, easy-to-deploy coaching tools. You’ll love them because they’re perfect for kicking off meetings and developing ongoing training efforts.

Formal leadership training that helps managers get
results through people.

Managers often get promoted to leadership roles because they excel at a particular job. In their new role they’re expected to get results through other people. Problem is, no one ever taught them how to meet that difficult challenge.

With the Leadership & Management online training platform managers learn how to:

  • Deal with diverse personalities
  • Engage and motivate their people
  • Communicate and discipline effectively
  • Keep employees focused and increase productivity

Instant trial access to leadership training lessons!

"I see all kind of training materials that are academic and theoretical. The Quick Take learning modules in the Rapid Learning Center are really practical. They talk about problems you're having right now, and tell you how to handle them. I've never seen any product that's as meaty and real-world."

Diane L. ParkerSamaritan's Purse, Boone, NC

Leadership & Management Training Available 24/7

Instant trial access to leadership training lessons!

Automated system to assign, train and track progress

RLI’s training management system allows you to:
  • SELECT the training program that fits each person's exact development needs
  • DEPLOY training to your team or an individual with a few clicks of the mouse
  • TRACK progress to confirm your people complete required training
  • ENGAGE your team with automated email messages that provide guidance on critical leadership skills

Instant trial access to leadership training lessons!

"The 7-10 minutes for each lesson is ideal, just concise enough to fit in, even on my busy days. Plus, the e-mail notices you send as part of the service remind me that I need to continue to invest this small amount of time. I don't delete from my In Box until completed."

Larry Raupp, Digistar

Train in the exact moment of need

Your Rapid Learning center gives you the ability to schedule training for teams or individuals. That’s an important part of any training program. But it also does something else. It lets your people access the training in the exact moment of need.

Moments before your managers have to discipline an employee, conduct a performance review, or resolve a team conflict they can log in and find a module or article that fits their situation. In just minutes they learn a concept they can use to address the problem with confidence - and get results.

"With all of the leadership trainings I have been through over the years, I didn't think that a 8 to 10 minute presentation would be able to give the information needed, to teach someone who has never had any kind of training at all, effectively. I was wrong, the short segments with bullet points is quick and effective, give just what is needed to be value added with no wasted time."

Floyd Daniels, Mars Pet Care US, Le Sueur, MN

Instant trial access to leadership training lessons!


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