VIDEO: A Better Way to Train

HR professionals are expected to keep up on employment law to keep the organization out of legal trouble. But they’re also counted on to be sure front-line managers and supervisors are trained on how to deal with these issues as well. This video shows how RLI gives HR people the tools and time they need to get it all done.

Video Transcription

How many of you got into Human Resources because you just love dealing with unhappy workers … or haggling with lawyers over employment law disputes … basically, putting out fires that could have been avoided in the first place.


Now, how many of you work in HR because you want to build a culture where morale is high and employees feel truly valued … and where managers know how to prevent small problems from turning into big ones.

That’s what I thought. Most HR professionals want to be proactive, not reactive.

But here’s the problem. You wear a lot of hats. You just don’t have the TIME you need to develop, deliver and follow up on the kind of manager and supervisor training that will help prevent the problems you now spend time cleaning up.

Well, what if you could introduce your organization to a tool that helps managers – in just 10 minutes at a time – develop the skills they need to become more effective leaders … and understand how to avoid the mistakes that lead to legal problems.

That’s where we come in. The Compliance & Management Rapid Learning Center takes a unique approach to training leaders. We give them what they need to know in 6- to 10-minute chunks that are perfect for team meetings, individual training sessions and self-directed learning.

With this online system, you can instantly deploy training to managers exactly when needed. It’s quick, intuitive, and engaging for even the most hard-to-convince managers.

See for yourself. Sign up now and give it a try.

Find out how the Rapid Learning Center helps thousands of other organizations meet their training goals … without killing their schedules or their budgets.


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