Employment Law Training Created for Busy Managers

Introducing the Employment Law Compliance Rapid Learning Center - a smarter, faster way to train managers and supervisors to avoid common employment law mistakes

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6- to 10-minute videos cover what managers & supervisor
really need to know to avoid legal trouble spots

At the heart of the Rapid Learning Center is a collection of 6- to 10-minute training programs called Quick Takes. These highly-focused modules work for two reasons:

  • Users love them because they don’t take much time to watch — and because adults learn best when information is delivered in small, easy-to-digest “single-concept” slices
  • Those responsible for employee development love them because they’re convenient, easy-to-deploy and perfect for kicking off meetings and training sessions

Ready-to-use reports let you instantly view each
users progress and training history

When it comes to employment law training, documentation is a must. In the eyes of the court, if it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen.

That’s why the Employment Law Compliance Rapid Learning Center automatically documents and reports on each user’s training history. With the click of your mouse you’ll be able to see a listing of every program they’ve viewed, quiz they’ve taken, article they’ve read or activity they engaged in – including the date and time of each session.

With this powerful tool you can:

  • Ensure every manager completes necessary training
  • Protect your organization should legal issues arise

"The Quick Take format is a perfect way for busy professionals to learn about important day-to-day management skills. You can listen to the program when you have time or take a short break from your work to learn. I like that each session is short and to the point."

Joan Imperato, Fried Frank

Automated system to assign, train and track progress

Administering a training program can be a major challenge and is often the obstacle that prevents necessary training from getting done.

RLI’s training management system makes it easy with tools that let you to:

  • ASSIGN employment law training with a few clicks of the mouse
  • DEPLOY training to large groups or individual managers in minutes
  • TRACK team progress to confirm your team has completed required compliance training
  • DOCUMENT compliance training effortlessly with automated, exportable reports

Instant trial access to compliance training for your managers!

Employment Law Compliance Training Topics

"Using RLI modules is like having your own expert trainer right in the building. In the past our managers dreaded training, but they love Quick Takes. We watch them at lunch & learn meetings. But afterward our managers watch them over and over again – whenever a problem comes up, they can review a topic in just eight minutes. Quick Takes are tools you can go out and use right away. And they’re a great value."

Randy Haskett, Senior HR Generalist, City of Loveland, CO.

Train in the exact moment of need

Your Rapid Learning center gives you the ability to schedule training for teams or individuals. That's an important part of any training program. But it also does something else. It lets your people access the training in the exact moment of need.

Moments before your managers have to decipline an employee, conduct a performance review, or resolve a team conflict they can log in and find a module or article that fits their situation. In just minutes they learn a concept they can use to address the problem with confidence - and get results

"I see all kinds of training materials that are academic and theoretical. The Quick Take learning modules in the Rapid Learning Center are really practical. They talk about problems you're having right now, and tell you how to handle them. I've never seen any product that's as meaty and real-world."

Diane L. Parker, Samaritan's Purse, Boone, NC

Instant trial access to compliance training for your managers!


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