Employment Law Training Previews

The Rapid Learning Institute offers a collection of short, highly-focused training programs called Quick Takes. Each is just six to 10-minutes long and designed to help managers and supervisors understand critical employment law compliance issues and avoid costly legal problems. Check out these previews.

Preview – Avoiding Social Media Slip-ups

The rise of social media brings new responsibilities for employers and employees alike. It’s a great way to keep in touch and share your thoughts and feelings. But it also makes it easy for employees to slip up in ways that can harm their employer, their own reputation and even their jobs. This Quick Take offers common-sense guidance on the use of social media that will keep employees out of trouble without shutting them down.

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Preview – FMLA Certification

In this Quick Take, you’ll learn the #1 mistake that will get you sued over employee abuse of FMLA intermittent leave, the three rules you must know to legally deal with intermittent leave abuse, and how to handle employees who try to game the system.

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Preview – Retaliation Claims

In this Quick Take, you’ll learn what retaliation is (and isn’t); why even conscientious, fair supervisors may be at risk for creating a retaliation claim; four common mistakes that can get you accused of retaliation; and how to avoid these mistakes.

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Preview – Workplace Violence

In this Quick Take, you’ll learn seven signs that an employee may be at risk of engaging in workplace violence, and how to respond to them using the concept of “graduated response” in tandem with your organization’s policies.

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Preview – Sexual Harassment for Supervisors: Not-So-Obvious Cases

In this Quick Take you will learn the difference between “quid pro quo” and “hostile environment” sexual harassment. Why sexual harassment doesn’t need to target a specific person. How “victimless” sexual banter can trigger lawsuits. Why actions that are completely non-sexual in nature can be construed as sexual harassment and the “reasonable person” standard for determining what is, and isn’t, sexual harassment.

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Preview – Terminating Poor Performers

In this Quick Take you’ll learn the #1 managerial oversight that gives terminated employees traction in a lawsuit, the most common mistake supervisors make during the actual termination conversation, the main reason terminated employees sue and a blueprint for terminating employees in a way vastly reducing the likelihood you’ll get sued.

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