VIDEO: A Better Way to Train

Most employment law compliance problems start on your organization’s front line. A manager or supervisor unknowingly says or does something that violates a worker’s legal rights. It’s often because they’re unaware of some basic guidelines that can help them avoid legal trouble spots. This video explains RLI’s approach to this nagging problem.

Video Transcription

“Employment law training? Sounds great … I have all day for that. Can’t wait to get started”

Why don’t you hear that from your managers and supervisors? Because most employment law training is … well … too long, too boring and just not seen as priority stuff.

But it’s important. Your people need to know how to avoid the mistakes that can lead to lawsuits.

So that’s the challenge. How do you give your team the training they need without taking too much time … without turning them into lawyers … and without putting them to sleep?

That’s where we come in. The Rapid Learning Center takes a unique approach to getting your managers up to speed on employment law.

We give them what they need to know in 6- to 10-minute chunks.

Our core training programs are called Quick Takes cover the critical topic your managers need to know, whether it’s FMLA, hiring, discipline, discrimination… and more.

With the Rapid Learning Center, you can instantly deploy training to managers exactly when needed. It’s quick, intuitive, and engaging for even the most hard-to-convince managers. What makes it even better is that the system gives YOU tools to easily send, track, document and follow up on the training you assign.

See for yourself. Sign up now and give it a try.

Find out how the Rapid Learning Center helps thousands of other organizations meet their training goals … without killing their schedules or their budgets.


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