Employment Law Compliance Training

Introducing the Employment Law Compliance Rapid Learning Center

An affordable online training platform that helps you train managers and supervisors to avoid common employment law mistakes

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  1. 6- to 10-minute videos that deliver a single training concept

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  2. Instant documentation records each user’s training history

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  3. Automated tools to deploy, track and follow up on training

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  4. PLUS, access to HR administration resources

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Learn RLI’s time-saving apprach to Employment Law Compliance training

The Problem We Solve

Take a look at the training topics available through the Rapid Learning Center

Employment Law Training Topics

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6- to 10-Minute Training Videos

At the heart of the Rapid Learning Center is a collection of 6- to 10-minute training programs called Quick Takes. These highly-focused modules work for two reasons:

1. Users love them because they don’t take much time to watch — and because adults learn best when information is delivered in thin, "single-concept" slices

2. Those responsible for employee development love them because they’re convenient, easy-to-deploy and perfect for kicking off meetings and training sessions

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Instant documentation

When it comes to employment law training, documentation is a must. In the eyes of the court, if it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen. That’s why the Rapid Learning Center automatically documents and reports on each user’s training history. With the click of your mouse you’ll be able to see a listing of every program they’ve viewed, quiz they’ve taken, article they’ve read or activity they engaged in – including the date and time of each session. It’s a powerful tool to help you ensure that every manager and supervisor is getting the training they need – and to protect your organization should legal issues arise.

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Automated Training System

Administering a training program can be a major challenge and is often the obstacle that prevents necessary training from getting done. RLI’s training management system makes it easy with tools that let you to:

  • ASSIGN employment law training with a few clicks of the mouse
  • DEPLOY training to large groups or individual managers in minutes
  • TRACK team progress to confirm your team has completed required compliance training
  • DOCUMENT compliance training effortlessly with automated, exportable reports
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Training programs for your HR team

Along with a collection of employment law training material for your managers and supervisors, the Employment Law Compliance Rapid Learning Center also gives you access to the Human Resources Rapid Learning Center which includes:

  • A time-saving collection of videos and articles covering critical employment law updates.
  • Programs available for HRCI Credit.
  • Sample forms, letters, checklists and policies to save you time and simplify HR administration.
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