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Are you a trainer who sees the market shift toward e-learning and blended learning solutions? If you want to be part of it, consider partnering with the Rapid Learning Institute. As a Certified RLI Trainer you:

Companies are fast moving in the direction of online and blended learning solutions. In part it’s a cost issue. But mostly it has to do with the changing needs of the workforce. Employees, particularly Millennials, now demand training they can access online anywhere, anytime.

  1. Use the RLI rapid learning modules, shared vocabulary and interval reinforcement methodology as a basis for your training programs. Usually this takes the form of a “blended learning” solution that combines online and instructor-led training.
  2. Receive an attractive commission on site licenses to RLI e-learning platforms that you sell to your clients.
  3. Develop a strong bond with your clients that generates recurring revenue. The RLI is all about follow up to increase training transfer. Our learning philosophy, and our content, encourage clients to revisit training to reinforce learning concepts. This emphasis creates opportunities for ongoing consulting engagements to ensure that the training sticks, and that clients get a strong return on investment.

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Steve Meyer
Stephen Meyer
CEO, The Rapid Learning Institute


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