You Might Be A Sales Rep If…

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    • …your anniversary dinner ever included a client


    • …your vacation ever included your spouse working a booth.


    • …you’ve ever driven around a “Bridge Out” barricade because you just won’t take no for an answer.


    • …at show-and-tell, your six-year-old presents features, benefits and a delivery schedule.


    • …you’re incredibly attracted to someone who can overcome the price objection.


    • …the cable company sends someone out to disconnect your service for nonpayment – and you close a sale!


    • …you’ve ever said to a customer, “I’d love to see pictures from your vacation.”


    • …you’ve ever said to a customer, “No, I don’t mind if you smoke in my car” – when you’re driving someone else’s car.


    • …you took product samples to your last high-school reunion.


    • …you’ve ever delivered a eulogy using PowerPoint.


    • …you bought a BlackBerry to help you become more organized and now you can’t find it.


    • …you pulled a credit report on your daughter’s boyfriend.


    • …your spouse has ever said, “Move your laptop, printer, briefcase, popcorn, candy wrappers and TV remote so we can go to bed.”


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