Voice mail that gets a callback

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Tim Hamilton has a hot sales lead: Mary Munroe was just hired by Major Industries to modernize its product testing lab. Tim sells testing equipment.

So he gives Mary a call. And, not surprisingly, gets her voice mail. So at the sound of the tone, Tim leaves a message:

“Hi, Mary. Tim Hamilton here at Precision Test Equipment. Just quickly – I know you’re busy — we’re one of the world’s largest distributors of industrial test equipment. With our experience, low prices and broad product line, I think we could help you upgrade your lab. I’d love to talk to you about what kinds of equipment you might be needing. Please give me a call at 888-555-5555. Again, it’s Tim Hamilton at Precision Test. 888-555-5555.”

Too bad for Tim. Because Mary is NOT going to call him back.

In fact, when Tim calls Mary back, she’ll probably duck his call – all because of his message.

What’s so terrible about Tim’s message? Nothing. It’s perfectly professional. It’s not offensive, pushy or presumptuous. In fact, Mary found it quite informative.

Which is exactly the problem.

Tim just told Mary everything she needs to know. It’s Tim. From Precision. Sells test equipment. Got it. So unless Mary urgently needs to talk about test equipment right now, she has no reason to talk to Tim when he calls back.

The #1 objective of a voice mail message to a prospect is not to inform. It’s not to pitch your product or service. It’s to sell the next call.

And Tim didn’t do it.

One way to sell the next call is by piquing your buyer’s curiosity. If Tim’s message had said something like, “Mary, I understand you’re building a new lab, Mary. I have a quick question I hope you can answer…” Now Mary has a reason to call back. She’s wondering what Tim wants to know.

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