Using metaphors can help you sell more

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Have you ever faced a selling situation in which the decision makers just did not seem to “get” the point you were trying to make?

When what you are saying seems to be falling on deaf ears, you may achieve a breakthrough by using a particularly apt metaphor to make your point.

Metaphors – powerful verbal images – are particularly good when prospects have a blind spot, or when you need to simplify a complex idea.

Here’s an example from the world of sales training: Every lake has trophy fish, but your chances of landing a lunker are slim if you aren’t prepared. Are you after bass, muskie or sturgeon? Should you use minnows, frogs, worms or lures? What size bait is required?

What about the equipment? Will you have a boat or fish from a pier? How about your rod and reel? How heavy should the line be? Will you cast, troll or be still? Will you use a depth finder?

You can see how this metaphor makes concepts like “personalized selling” and “customer focus” easier to grasp and remember.

It’s the same with buyers. Find metaphors that resonate with their world.

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