Table for four, please – for the five of us

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More and more sales professionals (or teams of them) are running networking events like luncheons or seminars to build their brand.

If you’re doing that, or want to, there’s something you should know: Banquet tables for 10 are the perfect size for the kitchen and servers, but deadly for the kind of networking and interaction you want to promote.

The table for 10 isolates everyone sitting at it. You can’t talk to the person on your left without shortchanging the one on your right, and talking across the table requires yelling. (This is also true if you’re taking a group out to dinner.)

It’s even worse if you’re presenting – half the people are facing in the wrong direction.

Better: Seat five at tables for four. You’ll score a big win. Close proximity will get people talking to each other and connecting, which is what you want.

Don’t let banquet managers run your event. Their goals aren’t yours.

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