Study: Two-minute drill for sales ‘alpha dogs’

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When you need to feel in charge and on top of things you can get an extra surge from “power posing,” say Harvard Business School researchers.

Simply holding your body in a dominant, “high-power” pose for just two minutes triggers higher testosterone levels (a hormone linked to dominance and power in both animals and humans) and lower levels of cortisol (a hormone released as a result of stress). In the study, testosterone readings rose for both men and women, jumping as much as 25%.

HBS assistant professor Amy J.C. Cuddy, one of the researchers, says study subjects in power poses – such as standing and leaning on their hands over a desk, or the classic feet-on-desk, hands behind head pose – experienced an increased sense of power or control, and greater risk tolerance.

In contrast, subjects in low-power poses (arms folded across chest, legs crossed protectively) had 10% drops in testosterone and 17 rises in cortisol.

Implications for sales professionals: You may not be able to be the alpha dog all the time, but when you need to summon an extra surge of power – before a sales presentation or when meeting with skeptical customers, for example – power posing may be just the ticket.

Source: HBS Working Knowledge newsletter

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